Fill Blank Cell with desied value at once in Excel

Excel is not just adding, subtracting, finding minimum maximum or average. Generally we think that excel is for mathematical calculations and operation but microsoft excel.

Excel ( ) is much more than. Whatever we have learnt so far in excel might be 5 percent to 25 percent. Because all the functions and formulas of excel cannot be used by only a profession. Means there is not a profession where all these excel functions are totally used. Some of the functions are used in daily calculation, some are used in accounting, some are used in auditing, some are used in engineering, some are used in census, some are used in sampling, some may be used in programming, some are used in result processing, some are used in data mining.

From Banks to all financial sectors, from schools to universities, from hospitals to departmental stores, from engineering colleges to data processing centers, from census board to laboratories, from research centers to sales houses, almost all sectors use excel tools somewhere and somehow. But not at all.

So many of us may not be familiar or known about the simple excel tools too. Here is one simple but most interesting and strong tools of excel.

How to fill all blanks cell with desired value in a column or row.

This helps to fill all the blanks cells with the desired value at once with no time.

Suppose you have the following data in excel sheet with the items sold in particular day.

Now you have to fill up Sunday from A2 to A7, Monday from A8 to A12 and so on .

For these follow the steps like this

  1. Select the range where you want to fill the value. for instance here we are filling value in column A. So select range A1:A44.
  2. Now click on Find and Select
  3. Click on Go to Special
  4. Click on Blanks
  1. The cursor moves to the first blank cell. Here in A3.
  2. Now type = and give the value of non blank cell. Here just type “=A2”. This gives the value of upmost cell that is Sunday.
  3. Now press Ctrl+ Enter and see the result.
  4. Output Comes just like that.
  1. Output Comes just like that.

You can do the same process to fill the blank cell with desired value in row also. Just try yourself. If any problem please write on comment. We are always ready to help you in any problem.

Try it yourself. Just don’t forget to press ctrl+ Enter. Other wise you have to repeat the process again. If any problem and query please write on comment.


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