ADBL Vacancy 2077

ADBL(Agriculture Development Bank Ltd) Nepal has published vacancy notice on 2077/10/09. (22 Jan 2021).

ADBL Vacancy 2077 is for the permanent recruitment for the different branches of ADBL around the country. And the main point to be noticed is you have to work for 5 years or more than that outside the valley for the assistant level. So make your mind set clear.

According to the notice ADBL vacancy 2077, there are altogether 326 vacant post for the different position including technical and non-technical, from level 4th to level 9th.

The top vacant post is for Bebasaya Sahayek (Business Assistant ) 5th level in administration which counts 119 in total.

Qualification for the various post according to level can be summarized as below.

Level- 6 to 9 – Master’s Level 4,5 – Bachelor . (But According to Service Group and Technical and non- technical there are some variations as well. )

You can view the details of Minimum qualification and experience as below. So choose the vacancy post as per your qualification and experience as well.

Minimum Qualification and Experience for 7th to 9th level.
Minimum Qualification and Experience for 6th to 4th level.

You can apply the forms online from 2077/10/09 to 2077/10/29 but double charge date is upto 2077/11/06.

Therefore no need to hurry but be careful the system may be hanged up if you try at last hour. So be quick as much as you can,

Application Charge:

Officer Level (6,7,8) : Rs. 1000 Assistant Level : Rs. 800

You can pay the charge online by different ways. Online Banking, Connect IPS, ( Fone Pay (, E-sewa ( and even Khalti( As a result it will be easier to pay.

If you want to apply online please go through the given link:

How to apply: Please go through the following Process.

Online Application Manual

For detailed notice of ADBL vacancy 2077 you can go to the following link. or you can download it from following link.

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