Section Officer Model Questions

Find the model questions of officer second paper. Click Here you can get model questions of officer third paper. Please Click Here You can get the

Section Officer Syllabus

Here we are presenting the syllabus of Officer according to public service commission. You can get the exact syllabus according to your choice. Paper wise and language wise. Just click on the desired syllabus of officer according to you choice. Section Officer Syllabus – First Paper Nepali Section Officer Syllabus…


Officer Entrance Exam

Another important section of officer entrance exam is Apptitude Test. In this section there are 30 question. It covers the follwing areas. Verbal reasoning such as series, analogy, classification, coding-decoding, insert the missing character, common property, matrices, direction and distance sense test, ranking order, assertion and reason, induction, deduction, courses…


Officer First Paper Old questions

In officer first paper of Lok Sewa Aayog there are 50 questions asked in the section GK. The questions of GK are really difficult because the area that the questions are really vauge. If we see the previous questions, we know that questions are asked form any topic lets say…


Local Level Officer Entrance Exam

One of the toughest exam of Nepal governemnet with no doubt is officer entrance. Many competiror have feel it like to break a golden gate in their career now a days. No only because of its toughness but also a to get a chance to start a fruitful career in…