How to merge multiple word file

Many of us sometime gets hacked not because that we do not know how to do but because do not know how to do it quickly and in a smart way.

There are so many tips and shortcuts in Microsoft Office  Packages like word, excel power point and other. We run these programs very frequently and even almost all the day. We do so many things using these programs. But using these programs almost all the time, I am sure that we haven’t use all the menus and commands available in these programs. Because either we do not need to use them or we haven’t tried to check what they are used for.

These menus and commands help us in different way to perform our work in an efficient way. We can get information of these menus and their work suing help menu in respective programs.

Here we are discussing about one the interesting tips in Microsoft Word

By using this method you can combine several Microsoft word files in one in an easy and quick way. You don’t have to do the copy and paste several times.

To perform the task you can follow the give steps one by one.

Open a word file where you want to copy the content of all word files.

Now From insert tab click on object.word 2

Now choose the “Text from file” option.word 3

It asks for the desired file.

Just click the file.

Now the content of the desired file will appear the destinatin file. You can repeat the same process as much time as you like.

In this way no matter how many files to be copied in one file you can do it. Don’t use the repeated process of copying and pasting.

If you like the process just do it happily. If any problems regarding other matter you can write on comment. I will definetly suggest you for any problem. Just mail or comment.

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