How to reset PSC Password

How to reset password of Public Service Commission…..


If you know the screen name, then type the screen name and click on forget password option. Generally the screen name is your email address. Suppose your email is, then your user name or screen name is npshrestha.

But in case you donot know the screen name just leave both fields blank (screen name and password ) and click on forget password.

Then you will see the following screen.

There are 3 tab options. Forget password by mobile, forget password by email and search for screen name.

If you know your screen name (i.e. user name) then you can reset password easily choosing mobile number or email any one.

If you donot know screen name then click on Search for Screenname option. Then you will see the following screen.

  • Here you have three choices, either you can use your master id or mobile number or email. According to your options it will search for screen name and it will send screen name to your mobile.  
  • Use that screen name and click on forget password. A message will be sent to your mobile with temporary password. By using that password you can login to your account.
  • After login you have to reset you password immediately.

In this way you can easily reset the password of PSC nepal. No need to worry and no need to pay any money. You can do it yourself.

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